What is going on with Twitter and should I move to Bluesky instead?

As the Elon Musk era of Twitter continues to throw up bugs and controversies, some people are looking at alternatives. The invite-only Bluesky is the latest challenger, but does it have staying power?

It’s the tale of two social networks. While Elon Musk’s Twitter seems to constantly be facing controversies, bugs and issues, a new competitor founded by the site’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, is making waves. Dorsey’s new venture, Bluesky, takes a radically different approach to serving up content and invite codes for the exclusive platform are selling for hundreds of dollars. So what on Earth is going on with Twitter, and should you be trying to secure an invite to Bluesky? Here is our guide. What has Elon Musk done to Twitter? Since purchasing Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion, Musk has radically redrawn how the platform works and what it stands for. Musk is promoting a paid-for subscription service called Twitter Blue to generate money for the business, while promising other schemes, such as revenue sharing with content creators, that have yet to materialise.

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